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Networking support for collaborative virtual reality projects in national, european and international context

: Hommes, F.; Pless, E.

Volltext (PDF; )

Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association -TERENA-:
TERENA Networking Conference 2004. Selected papers : University of Aegean, 7-10 June, 2004, Rhodes, Greece
Amsterdam: TERENA, 2004
ISBN: 90-77559-04-3
8 S.
TERENA Networking Conference <2004, Rhodes>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IMK ( IAIS) ()
Virtual Reality; video streaming; network; interaction; communication; Multicast; collaboration; 3D

The report describes experiences from networking support for two three years virtual reality projects. Networking requirements depending on the virtual reality environment and the planned distributed scenarios are specified and verified in the real network. Networking problems especially due to the collaborative, distributed character of interaction
via the Internet are presented.