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Verfahren zur Modifizierung natuerlicher und nachwachsender Oele mittels ionisierender Strahlung

Modification of natural renewable oil, e.g. for producing coating, plastics, ink, corrosion inhibitor, adhesive, solvent, lubricant, fuel, sealant or surfactant, involves treatment with ionizing radiation with several dosage maxima.
: Gohs, U.; Roeder, O.; Schwarz, W.; Kirchhoff, V.; Bartel, R.

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DE 2003-10329761 A: 20030702
DE 2003-10329761 A: 20030702
WO 2004-EP5167 A: 20040514
DE 10329761 A1: 20050127
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Modifizierung natuerlicher und nachwachsender Oele mittels ionisierender Strahlung, wobei eine Einwirkung ionisierender Strahlung in einer Weise vorgenommen wird, dass die Dosisleistung waehrend der Behandlungsdauer mehrere Maxima aufweist.


WO2005002721 A UPAB: 20050207 NOVELTY - Modification of natural and renewable oils by means of ionizing radiation is carried out, such that the dosage rate has several maxima during the treatment period. USE - For producing flexible coatings from natural products, plastics, inks, lacquers, corrosion inhibitors, sizes, adhesives, polymers, bio-plastics suitable for casting, compression and injection molding, composites, ad/absorption aids, plasticizers for plastics processing, lubricating, bearing, drive, turbine, hydraulic and compressor oils, industrial release agents and solvents, cooling lubricants (drilling and cutting oils), fuels, sealing waxes, cleaning products, additives (e.g. emulsifiers) in reaction media and detergents and anionic or non-ionic surfactants (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The novel process is suitable for modification of natural and renewable resources based on oil (e.g. wood oil, germ, nut, seed and vegetable oils, animals oils, petroleum) and gives reproducible results, especially in relation to further processing of the oils. It is highly efficient and suitable for industrial use, saves time and energy, and avoids drawbacks of existing technology.