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GaInAs/AlGaAsSb quantum-cascade lasers

GaInAs/AlGaAsSb Quantenkaskadenlaser
: Yang, Q.K.; Manz, C.; Bronner, W.; Kirste, L.; Köhler, K.; Wagner, J.


Applied Physics Letters 86 (2005), Nr.13, Art. 131109, 3 S.
ISSN: 0003-6951
ISSN: 1077-3118
Fraunhofer IAF ()
quantum cascade laser; Quantenkaskadenlaser; quaternary; quaternär; above room temperature; über Raumtemperatur

Quaternary-barrier-containing GaInAs/A1GaAsSb quantum-cascade lasers, motivated by reducing the barrier height compared to that in GaInAs/A1AsSb quantum-cascade lasers, have been demonstrated. The design of these quaternary-barrier-containing lasers is based on triple-quantum-well vertical-transition active regions, and their fabrication relies on molecular-beam-epitaxial growth of Ga(0.47)In(0.53)As/AlGaAs(1-x)Sb(x) (x close to 0.45) heterostructures on n-InP substrates. Including twenty-five periods of active regions and injection regions, the quantum-cascade lasers operate up to T >= 400 K in pulsed mode, with an emission wavelength of about 4.9 µm at room temperature. The characteristic temperature T(0) of the threshold current density is 169 K in the temperature range between 280 and 400 K.