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Algorithmen-Entwicklung für das optimale Befüllen von Transportbehältern

: Mayr, Marcus

Amberg-Weiden, 2014, 71 S.
Amberg-Weiden, TH, Bachelor Thesis, 2014
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IWU ()
flexible Verpackungsmaschine; Volumenoptimierung; Leerraumreduktion

With an ever increasing mail order, the shipping expenses represent a non-negligible share of the overall-costs in the industry. One food mail order company requests an algorithm for the optimal filling of their transport containers, which should also meet several terms, such as minimizing space and having a maximum run-time of 5 seconds with 10 objects. This assignment belongs to the bin packing problems, but instead of using the least bins the algorithm should choose the smallest suitable bin in which all objects fit. The objects consist of simple geometric objects like cuboids, cylinder and cones. This paper attempts to solve the problem with a genetic algorithm, but then changes the approach to a sort of best-fit algorithm due to the unreliability of the formerly suggested genetic algorithm. The best-fit algorithm divides the empty room in smaller cuboids and looks for the best empty cuboid to fit in the next object. It will be called for multiple bins and different sort sequences of the objects to find the smallest possible bin in a given selection of bins. In the end the problem is adequately solved in a convenient time.