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HELI4Rescue. Logistics Networks Interaction between Parties involved

Presentation held at 5. Collaboration Club Meeting, 11.11. - 14.11.2013, San Quirico, Italien
: Hertelendy, Tibor

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2013, 17 Folien
Collaboration Club Meeting <5, 2013, San Quirico>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IML ()
network resources; supply chains; infrastructure; logistics networks; disaster management; VTOL; transportation

The Collaboration and Support Action HELI4Rescue is funded by the European Commission to identify parameter and further research to be done for Vertical Take Off and Landing Vehicles suited for the last mile transport of goods during disaster missions. This presentation describes the logistics networks regarding rescue and relief actions regarding the needed network resources for different supply chains which enable the crisis and disaster management situations. Within this presentation appropriate arrangements for those infrastructural resources and structures are being analysed against identified and relevant supply chain solutions under consideration of interactions and dependencies between parties involved.