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Photonic-integrated circuit for continuous-wave THz generation

: Theurer, M.; Göbel, T.; Stanze, D.; Troppenz, U.; Soares, F.; Grote, N.; Schell, M.


Optics Letters 38 (2013), Nr.19, S. 3724-3726
ISSN: 0146-9592
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We demonstrate a photonic-integrated circuit for continuous-wave (cw) terahertz (THz) generation. By comprising two lasers and an optical phase modulator on a single chip, the full control of the THz signal is enabled via a unique bidirectional operation technique. Integrated heaters allow for continuous tuning of the THz frequency over 570 GHz. Applied to a coherent cw THz photomixing system operated at 1.5 μm optical wavelength, we reach a signal-to-noise ratio of 44 dB at 1.25 THz, which is identical to the performance of a standard system based on discrete components.