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On the effectiveness of mobile services in warning message dissemination

: Philipps, Erik; Kurowski, Sebastian; Nedic, Daniela

Biethahn, N. (Hrsg.):
2nd Conference on Mobility in a Globalised World 2012 : Bamberg, Germany, September 24th - 25th, 2012
Bamberg: University of Bamberg Press, 2013 (Schriftenreihe Logistik und Supply Chain Management 9)
ISBN: 978-3-86309-192-7
ISBN: 3-87665-192-1
Conference on Mobility in a Globalised World <2, 2012, Bamberg>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

In many European countries, mobile services are being used for diffusing warnings, using cell based broadcasting functionality, or are being tested. The effectiveness of these systems hereby depends on the achieved diffusion rates and whether individuals follow the warning as intended. However, past research has shown that these rates largely depend on the individuals' perception and knowledge of crises, as well as the underlying communication structure. Although a lot of research exists on both, the individuals' perception, and the diffusion of a warning message, a gap between both fields remains.
During the course of this paper this bridge is being addressed by using models of communication theory, psychology, economics and information diffusion in order to reflect the dissemination of a warning message in mobile services. These models are being reflected along with the Costa Concordia incident, which is being used as a case study. Based on the findings, assumptions are being derived, showing what mobile that mobile warning systems must comply in their contents to the individuals' environment, their perception of the crisis and must take antecedents of panic into account.