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Improving the barrier properties of UV-curing epoxy adhesives using silsesquioxanes

Verbesserung der Barriereeigenschaften von UV-härtbaren Epoxidklebstoffen mit Silsesquioxanen
: Amkreutz, M.

Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie -DECHEMA-; Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie -DECHEMA-, ProcessNet Initiative:
9th European Adhesion Conference, EURADH 2012. Proceedings. CD-ROM : 16 - 20 September 2012, Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance/Germany
Frankfurt/Main: DECHEMA, 2012
6 S.
European Adhesion Conference (EURADH) <9, 2012, Friedrichshafen>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Various applications of adhesive technology require adhesives allowing a fast fixation and a curing at moderate temperatures, room temperature at best. At the same time, the water permeability should be as low as possible. This is especially the case when bonding optical components and sensors. This led to the idea to modify an UV-curing epoxy adhesive with silsesquioxanes. The water uptake and the behaviour of the modified adhesives upon re-drying have been investigated. It could be shown that the modification with silsesquioxanes reduces the diffusion coefficient of water and that the values of commercially available barrier adhesives can be achieved. For a better understanding of the observed effects, the interaction of the silsesquioxanes with water has been investigated via molecular modelling. Different kinds of interaction could be identified as source for the observed diffusion behaviour. The improved barrier properties of the modified adhesives could also be demonstrated by moisture measurements in a specially designed test setup with an integrated moisture sensor.