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Demand-side-management with heat pumps for single family houses

: Yu, Young Jae

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Wurtz, E. ; International Building Performance Simulation Association -IBPSA-:
Building Simulation 2013. Online Proceedings : 13th Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association; Chambery, France, 25 August 2013 through 28 August 2013
Chambery, 2013
ISBN: 978–2–7466–6294–0
International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA Conference) <13, 2013, Chambéry>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The dynamic expansion of renewable energy production, especially solar and wind power, will accelerate the transformation process in the energy sector. In this context, the fluctuating supply of electricity based on solar and wind power units should be smoothed out to guarantee the grid stability. For this purpose. Demand Side Management (DSM) and intelligent storage technologies are key technologies that make it possible to keep the balance of supply and demand. The objective of tins study is to evaluate the fraction of residential heat demand which can be expected to be covered by using electric heat pumps coupled with an under-floor heating system as variable loads in the context of DSM.