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Advances in metal additive manufacturing

Presentation held at 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Applications Global Summit 2013, 19. - 20.11.2013, London
Fortschritte bei der generativen Fertigung mit Metall
: Müller, Bernhard

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2013, 26 Folien
3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Industrial Applications Summit <2013, London>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
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metal additive manufacturing; laser beam melting; electron beam melting

Showcasing Advances In Metal Additive Manufacturing, Identifying Other Materials Under Development & Alloys To Be Available In The Near-Term Understanding which metals can be printed today and capabilities in terms of finish, performance, mechanical characteristics and temperature resistance Highlighting developments in lightweight, industrial-grade metals for additive manufacture: Identifying applications in which titanium is being printed today Comparing approaches to metal additive manufacture and assessing how laser-based processes compare with other metal printing technologies in terms of cost, quality and speed Understanding how the mechanical engineering of the machines themselves affects metal material properties Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Laser Beam Melting and Electron Beam Melting and assessing applications where each technology should be preferred Identifying new metal AM technologies that are on the market and currently under development.