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Comparison of TVOC by GC/MS with direct reading instruments

: Massold, E.; Riemann, A.; Salthammer, T.; Schwampe, W.; Uhde, E.; Wensing, M.

Seppänen, O. ; Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate:
Healthy buildings 2000. Proceedings. Vol.4 : Materials, design and construction
Helsinki: SIY Indoor Air Information, 2000
ISBN: 952-5236-08-0
Healthy Buildings Conference <2000, Espoo>
Fraunhofer WKI ()
TVOC; GC-MSD; desorption; flame ionisation; measurement technique; quality insurance

For testing the comparability of TVOC measurement techniques, a 1 m³ stainless steel chamber, operated under dynamic conditions, was spiked consecutively with three VOC-mixtures. MI: aromatic hydrocarbons/ketones/esters(recipe of nitrocellulose lacquer): MII: components of the Molhave-mixture. MIII: terpenes/aliphatic hydrocarbons (recipe of eco-lacquer). Samples were taken on TENAX TA and analyzed according to the procedure recommended by EU-ECA. The measurements were performed by two laboratories using similar equipment and identical analytical procedures. In addition, the TVOC-values were compared with data obtained by a flame-ionization detector (FID) and a photoacoustic detector (PAD).