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From manufacturing industry needs to innovations

: Fulga, Simina

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European Commission, Enterprise Europe Network; ARoTT - Romanian Society for Technology Transfer and Innovation:
Forumul pentru Inovare 2013. Presentations. Online resource : 16-18 Octombrie 2013, Bucuresti, Romania
Bucuresti, 2013
22 Folien
Forumul pentru Inovare <2013, Bucuresti>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Fraunhofer-Modell; manufacturing; manufacturing engineering; Public-Private Partnership (PPP); Innovation; Fertigung; Industrie

In South East Europe as the industry actively sustains education and universities by paying taxes, knowledge harvested in education and research institutes should generate income by offering innovative solutions to industrial partners. On the other hand, the industry should continue specializing in using and demanding knowledge and innovation - the company's propellants on their way to market leadership. The transnational Public-Private Partnership between the Romanian company Microelectronica SA, the Steinbeis Danube Centre and Fraunhofer IPA continues evaluating the needs of the regional manufacturing industries and the technology portfolios of the regional universities and proposes steps to institutionalize Centers of Applied Manufacturing Engineering following the Fraunhofer Model.