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Referenzelektrode mit poröser keramischer Membran

Solid-state reference electrode, has electrolyte and/or electrolyte retainer covered against environment by porous ceramic membrane, which is formed as composite with pores from glass phase and crystalline phase
: Eberstein, Markus

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DE 102012007854 A1: 20120416
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The electrode has an electrochemically active reference system (1.2) electrical conductively connected with a contact element (1) using a strip conductor (1.1) over plated-through holes (1.5, 1.6), where the contact element is arranged on a surface of a ceramic substrate (3). An electrolyte (1.3.1) and/or an electrolyte retainer (1.3) are covered against environment by a porous ceramic membrane (1.4) that is in direct contact with the reference system in a direction of a measuring area. The porous ceramic membrane is formed as composite with pores from a glass phase and a crystalline phase. The ceramic substrate is formed with multiple sintered layers (L1-L3), which consist of glass ceramic, zirconia, alumina or aluminum nitride, HTCC or LTCC films. An independent claim is also included for a method for manufacturing a solid-state reference electrode.