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Eletrisches Überbrückungselement, insbesondere für Speicherzellen eines Energiespeichers

Electrical bridging element, in particular for the cells of an energy accumulator
: Dorp, Joachim vom

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DE 102012005979 A1: 20120323
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The electrical bridging element has a layer sequence that is provided with electrical insulation layers (4,5) which insulate two electrical conductors (2,3) electrically from one another. The exothermic reaction is triggered in a reactive layer stack (1). The reactive layer stack and the insulation layers are connected with each other such that the insulation layers are disintegrated due to thermal energy released by the reactive layer stack during the exothermic reaction and an electrical connection is produced between the electrical conductors. An independent claim is included for an electrical energy storage device.