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Novel Photoimmunoconjugates for Use in Photodynamic Therapy

: Barth, Stefan; Tur, Mehmet Kemal; Hussain, Ahmat

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WO 2012-2013/139391 A1: 20120321
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A compound comprising : .a photosensitizer covalently coupled to . a protein selected from the group consisting of antibodies or their derivatives or fragments thereof, synthetic peptides such as scFv, mimotopes .which bind CD antigens, cytokine receptors, interleukin receptors, hormone receptors, growth factor receptors, more particularly tyrosine kinase growth factor receptor of the ErbB family, wherein .the photosensitizer is coupled to the binding protein via 06-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (hAGTm), a modified human DNA repair protein.