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Elektrostatisches Halteelement

Electrostatic holding element for processing items e.g. wafer, has base portion made of carbon fibers arranged and/or oriented in plane parallel to support plane for items, which comprises isotropic thermal expansion characteristics
: Kalkowski, Gerhard

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DE 102012002646 A1: 20120209
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The holding element has electrodes (4,4') which are formed on the surface of a base portion (1) and are covered by the dielectric layer. The dielectric layer is used as a support for the to-be-processed items. The base portion is formed of carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide (SiC). The carbon fibers embedded in the SiC are arranged and/or oriented in one plane which is aligned parallel to the support plane for the to-be-processed items. The base portion comprises approximately isotropic thermal expansion characteristics, at room temperature.