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Mikroverkapselung von Schwefel auf Basis silicatischer Verbindungen

Coated sulfur particle exhibiting a specific coating thickness, useful for converting a plastic rubber-mass into a cross-linked elastomeric phase, where the coating of the particle comprises inorganic components and short-chain alkyl groups
: Ballweg, Thomas

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DE 102012202069 A1: 20120210
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Coated sulfur particle of 0.05-200 mu m diameter and a coating thickness of 0.05-50 mu m, is claimed. The coating includes at least 80 wt.% inorganic components and not > 20 wt.% short-chain alkyl groups. An independent claim is also included for preparing the coated sulfur particle, comprising suspending or dispersing the sulfur particle having a diameter of 0.05-200 mu m and a silica sol or water glass in water or in an aqueous suspension medium, stirring with a dispersing agent such that the sulfur particle are kept in suspension, and drying the resulting mixture.