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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Umformen flächiger Werkstücke

Method for reshaping planar workpiece in e.g. ship construction, involves positioning workpiece on supporting device with multitude of contact elements, where position of one of elements is changed to produce and/or hold contact to piece
: Werner, Markus

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DE 102011116215 A1: 20111017
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The method involves positioning a planar workpiece on a supporting device (SE) with a multitude of adjustable contact elements (2a) e.g. spherical and/or coated and/or hydrostatic-mounted ball heads. The workpiece is spaded by a material-deforming tool (UWS) i.e. press roll, and a position of one of the contact elements is changed to produce and/or hold the contact to the workpiece. The shaping of the workpiece is performed in sequence of shaping stages, where the workpiece is moved relative to the material-deforming tool by a manipulation device i.e. robot. An independent claim is also included for a device for reshaping a planar workpiece.