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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Quantifizierung einer Schädigung eines Hautgewebeschnitts

Method and apparatus for quantification of damage to a skin tissue section
: Münzenmayer, Christian; Wittenberg, Thomas; Gryanik, Alexander; Steckhahn, Dirk

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DE 102011084286 A1: 20111011
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The device has a converting unit for converting a dermal tissue section color image into a grey value image. An allocation unit is provided for allocating pixels of grey value image to a respective label. A label image is obtained using an image processing algorithm. A filling algorithm is applied with respect to an outer surface edge in the label image. The epidermis (12) is located in the label image using the epidermis region. A determination unit is set to determine the parameter which describes characteristic properties of a form of localized epidermis. Independent claims are included for the following: (1) a method for quantification of damage of dermal tissue section; and (2) computer program for quantification of damage of dermal tissue section.