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Method for the production of a substrate having a coating comprising copper, and coated substrate and device prepared by this method

: Wächtler, Thomas; Schulz, Stefan; Gessner, T.; Mueller, Steve; Tuchscherer, A.; Lang, Heinrich

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US 2011-2013/0062768 A1: 20110914
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A method for producing a substrate with a copper or a copper-containing coating is disclosed. The method comprises a first step wherein a first precursor, a second precursor and a substrate are provided. The first precursor is a copper complex that contains no fluorine and the second precursor is selected from a ruthenium complex, a nickel complex, a palladium complex or mixtures thereof. In the second step, a layer is deposited at least on partial regions of a surface of the substrate by using the first precursor and the second precursor by means of atomic layer deposition (ALD). The molar ratio of the first precursor:second precursor used for the ALD extends from 90:10 to 99.99:0.01. The obtained layer contains copper and at least one of ruthenium, nickel and palladium. Finally, a reduction is performed step in which a reducing agent acts on the substrate obtained after depositing the copper-containing layer.