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Precise electrochemical machining of rotating workpieces

Elektrochemisches Präzisionsabtragen von rotierenden Werkstücken
: Hackert-Oschätzchen, Matthias; Boenig, Lothar; Meichsner, Gunnar; Zinecker, Mike; Krönert, Maik; Schubert, Andreas

Schubert, Andreas; Hackert-Oschätzchen, Matthias ; Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik -IWU-, Chemnitz; TU Chemnitz, Fakultät Maschinenbau:
International Symposium on ElectroChemical Machining Technology, INSECT 2013. Proceedings : November 12 - 13, 2013, Chemnitz
Chemnitz, 2013 (Scripts precision and microproduction engineering 7)
ISBN: 978-3-942267-95-3
International Symposium on ElectroChemical Machining Technology (INSECT) <9, 2013, Chemnitz>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
precise electrochemical machining; rotating workpieces; oscillating electrode; pulsed current; PECM; precise electrochemical cylindrical turning process; precise electrochemical profile turning

Electrochemical machining with an oscillating electrode and pulsed current (PECM) is an innovative manufacturing process for the production of tools and machine elements with highest precision requirements. Currently structure sizes < 1 mm and a flatness of < 5 µm are achievable with PECM. Machining of circumferential surfaces, however, is only possible with substantially reduced precision, which strongly limits the applicability of the method in particular for the production of rotationally symmetrical workpieces. During the conducted investigations, a combination of the pulsed electrochemical machining process with a turning device is explored. The aim of this work is to investigate different machining variants by means of a precise electrochemical turning. Specifically, the variants cylindrical turning and profile turning were successfully demonstrated.