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Cloud services within a ROLE-enabled Personal Learning Environment

: Hernández Rizzardini, R.; Linares Roman, B.H.; Mikroyannidis, A.; Schmitz, H.-C.

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Mikroyannidis, A. (Hrsg.); Hernández Rizzardini, R. (Hrsg.); Schmitz, H.-C. (Hrsg.):
WCLOUD 2012, Workshop on Cloud Education Environments : Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Cloud Education Environments, Antigua, Guatemala, November 15-16, 2012
Antigua Guatemala, 2012 (CEUR Workshop Proceedings 945)
International Workshop on Cloud Education Environments (WCLOUD) <1, 2012, Antigua Guatemala>
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The ROLE project (Responsive Open Learning Environments) is focused on the next generation of Personal Learning Environments (PLE). In this paper, we first describe the engineering process used to create either a new widget bundle, a group of applications or service widgets. The widgets integrated in a ROLE PLE consist of two cloud-based services, a social networking and a mind-mapping tool, where learners can perform and collaborate on learning activities. We also modified other widgets to create a complete learning experience. The whole platform is running on a cloudcomputing infrastructure and one of the services is using a cloud-based database. Additionally, we describe the initial experiences from using this cloud education environment in Galileo University, Guatemala, in a web-based course with students from three different Latin-American countries. We measured emotional aspects, motivation, usability and attitudes towards the environment. The results demonstrated the readiness of cloud-based education solutions, and how ROLE can bring together such an environment from a PLE perspective.