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Multilevel cloth simulation through GPU surface sampling

: Schmitt, Nikolas
: Knuth, Martin; Kuijper, Arjan

Darmstadt, 2013, 77 S.
Darmstadt, TU, Master Thesis, 2013
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
multiresolution; particle systems; parallel processing; Graphics Card

Nowadays, cloth simulation is more and more common technique used in garment industry. Most available simulation systems use triangular mesh models due to their flexibility for the mesh generation. However, using regular grids opens the door for many optimizations. Connectivity is implicit, warp and weft directions of the cloth are aligned to grid edges and distances between particles are equal, which gives valuable speed advances for the computations.
This work focusses in combining both grid model types into one hybrid simulation system. The presented system features CPU computations for a low-resolution triangle mesh. Additionally, a GPU-based method is performed efficiently on a high-resolution grid representation. This improves the fine details of the garment. Coupling is performed by a texture based approach for fast up and down projections of the hybrid grid simulation system. The flexible system allows individual computation types to be performed on different architectures, data representations and detail levels. The results show the ability to handle simulations with more than 250k particles in real-time, featuring the new hierarchical solver in conjunction with GPU collision handling.