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From Modular MEMS to a Modular Microfactory - the Hybrid Microfactory?

Von modularen Mikrosystemen zur modularen miniaturisierten Fertigung - Die modulare Mikrofabrik
: Großer, V.; Michel, B.; Schünemann, M.; Reichl, H.

Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology -FSRM-:
Microfactory. 2nd International Workshop on Microfactories : October 9-10, 2000, Fribourg, Switzerland
Neuchatel, CH: FSRM, 2000
International Workshop on Microfactories (IWMF) <2, 2000, Fribourg>
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Baukastensystem; Mikrofabrikationstechnik; Mikrosystemtechnik; modulares Mikrosystem; interface; MEMS; microfabrication; modular micromachine; microfactory; modular MEMS; unit construction system; Schnittstelle

Many industrial branches may benefit from MEMS technology. Most of them require custom-designed MEMS in mid-scale volumes, which are at present not available at market-acceptable costs. A modular MEMS packaging and interface concept, which includes electric, fluidic, optic, mechanical, thermal and communication interfaces, contributes to less costly solutions with faster time to market. On its foundation, a modular microfactory framework based on a unit construction system is proposed.