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The grid job builder - visual modelling of grid jobs using petri nets

: Jung, C.; Herdt, E.; Noll, S.

International journal on digital libraries 2 (2004), Nr.2, S.61-66
ISSN: 1432-5012
Fraunhofer IGD ()
grid computing; workflow management; petri net

Grid computing technology has emerged from its origin in the scientific area with an increasing impact on the business world. Substantial work has been spend on improving the grid middleware but the gap between the high expectations and available real-life grid applications is still remarkable. There is a significant emerging risk of creating a new hype which may result in disillusion and disappointment. Therefore, this article emphasises the urgence of providing reliable grid-based solutions -- regardless of their scientific or commercial domain - in order to get grid computing to a mature state with wide-spread acceptance. An application prototype for editing and modelling grid workflows for semi-professionals - as part of an approach for solving this problem - and a grid job example are described.