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Mechanisms of the Evolution of Spatio-Temporal Instabilities in Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

: Friedrich, R.; Ditzinger, T.; Henning, A.; Radons, G.

Dunn, P.G. ; Water Jet Technology Society of Japan:
Water Jet Technology 2000. Proceedings of the 6th Pacific Rim International Conference : 9-11 October, 2000, Sydney, Australia
Lawson, New South Wales: Mission Publications of Australia, 2000
ISBN: 1-876315-26-1
Pacific Rim International Conference on Water Jet Technology <6, 2000, Sydney>
Fraunhofer IPA ()

We present the mechanism of the evolution of unwanted patterns in the abrasive water jet cutting process by means of a non-linear spatio-temporal model. Abrasive waterjet machining is a very flexible and advanced industrial technique for cutting and shaping all sorts of materials ranging from plastic to steel or ceramics. The model presented is capable of simulating the empirically observed properties of the cutting process. On the basis of an analysis of the actual taper of the kerf, a non-linear spatio-temporal model is derived. We develop a dynamic model of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky type and find a new prototype of ripple forming mechanism, which is able to explain structures observable in various beam cutting and piercing techniques.