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Project »LuminaLED« and »PERiMETER«. Conception, realization and ramp-up of a LED research center (LuminaLED) including a quality competence center for Eastern Europe (PERiMETER)

Presentation held at the 3rd Manufuture Village Workshop on June 05, 2013, Belgrade
: Wertz, Roland

2013, 17 Folien
Manufuture Village Workshop <3, 2013, Belgrade>
International Working Conference Total Quality Management - Advanced and Intelligent Approaches <7, 2013, Belgrade>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
LED; manufacturing; cleanroom; Clean manufacturing; layout planning; Layoutplanung; Reinraum; Fertigung; Anlagenplanung

The ecological as well as economical advantages of using LEDs has led to a continuous rise in worldwide demand, which is why the Romanian electronics manufacturer Microelectronica S.A. has decided to construct a factory to produce LEDs in Bucharest. Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart planned and realized optimum conditions for this LED production, taking the whole manufacturing life cycle into consideration.