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Finding the optimal point in time to offer product-related services to customers on industrial goods market

: Neuhüttler, Jens; Kicherer, Florian

European Association for Research on Services -RESER-:
Finding growth through service activities in barren times : XXIII International RESER Conference; September 19th-21st 2013, Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence, 2013
18 S.
European Association for Research on Services (International RESER Conference) <23, 2013, Aix-en-Provence>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

The presented paper aims to identify the point in time, at which product-related services should be offered to customers on industrial goods markets optimally, in order to increase their market success. Therefore, a product-specific customer relationship is utilised to derive four different points in time for offering services. Furthermore, these points in time are tested for their influence on the marketing success of frequently offered, product-related services by conducting an empirical study among 159 German manufacturing companies. In order to generate applicable results, linear regression analyses were implemented for each of the product-related services.