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Identity and relationship management

The key to safe, secure ICT infrastructure
: Montaletti, G.; Martin, M.; Fröschle, N.

Cunningham, P.:
eAdoption and the Knowledge Economy. Issues, Applications, Case Studies. Vol.1
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2004 (Information and Communication Technologies and the Knowledge Economy 1)
ISBN: 1-58603-470-7
eChallenges Conference (e2004) <14, 2004, Vienna>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

After providing an overview of the issues of identity and identification, this paper provides a foundational framework for a transaction-based definition of relationship and a relational definition of identity. This approach points to a convergence between two technological streams of evolution and development: (1) the provision of a secure and dependable message and transaction infrastructure through the appropriate use of security technologies to construct identities, certificates and signatures and (2) the creation of domains of relationship management within and between enterprises, which has been referred to as the "hub and spoke" architecture or the "integration engine" and is the basis for the current ICT architecture of client facing, globalised enterprise.