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Simulation of tool load for axial forming process with oscillating feed

Presentation held at 6th Forming Technology Forum 2013, Modelling of process chains and interfaces for sheet metal forming; September 19th - 20th, 2013, Herrsching
: Schuster, Robert

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2013, 4 S.
Forming Technology Forum <6, 2013, Herrsching>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
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The axial forming process is a method of cold metal forming, which is used for the production of axially symmetric profiles and retractions at full and hollow components. Furthermore, the method-sided retractions, material accumulations together with external and internal profiles are produced by incremental forming technology. As an example for external teeth, a strip wounded forming cavity (die) with an alternating kinematic is driven through the work piece and thereby generating the teeth. This specific feature of axial forming is realized by an oscillating tool feed movement. There is no material loss, e.g. gearings can be generated in net-shape-quality by forming operations. In consequence of parallel force reduction, it is also possible to handle thin or slim structures and for instance to equip with an internal or external teeth without causing bending or buckling. A special challenge of the simulative illustration of the process is the connection of the recursive tool kinematic with the friction model. Hereby the essential base has been set for the interpretation of the work piece or tool geometry.