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Applications of HIPIMS metal oxides

: Sittinger, V.; Lenck, O.; Vergöhl, M.; Szyszka, B.; Bräuer, G.


Thin solid films 548 (2013), S.18-26
ISSN: 0040-6090
Fraunhofer IST ()
HIPIMS; reactive sputtering; TCO; AZO; ITO; TiO2

The high degree of ionization of the sputtered material during the coating process is one of the main features of HIPIMS (high power impulse magnetron sputtering). The use of HIPIMS leads to better film quality for hard coatings based on metal nitrides and to more conformal coatings during via fillings with high aspect ratios used in microelectronics. HIPIMS metal oxides are used in many applications, including optical coatings for filters or transparent conducting oxides in photovoltaics, low emissivity coatings, heat mirrors or panel heaters, as well as touch panels and displays. Several coatings based on HIPIMS were developed to reveal the benefits of this technology for applications. An overview of applications in industry and research is presented.