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Vapor phase deposition of cubic boron nitride films

: Bewilogua, K.; Richter, F.


Riedel, R.:
Handbook of ceramic hard materials. Vol.1
Weinheim: VCH, 2000
ISBN: 3-527-29972-6
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cubic boron nitride; PVD deposition technique; CVD deposition technique; growth mechanism; sputter deposition; conducting target; nucleation; growth; film property

There is a large number of experimental data on deposition of c-BN films. Both CVD and PVD methods are suitable to prepare films with high contents of cubic phase material. Essential parameters determining the film growth are ion impact onto the growing film as well as the substrate temperature. The c-BN content in the films obviously scales best with total momentum of impinging ions per deposited atom. Sputter deposition techniques in the r.f. as well as in the d. c. mode were successfully used to prepare nearly single phase c-NB films. At present the insufficient adhesion, caused by high compressive stress and sensitivity to humidity, is the most essential problem to be solved. A promising way to overcome this difficulty could be the discrimination between nucleation and growth phase. Furthermore a better understanding of the correlation between growth conditons, film structure and stress is needed. If a sufficient adhesion of c-BN films on different substrates can be achieved for a thickness range of 1 - 2 mm and more, c-BN coatings will have a high potential in several fields of application, especially in the field of tools for ferrous materials.