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A new financial incentive for the integration of large amounts of wind energy

: Hochloff, P.; Lesch, K.; Rohrig, K.; Schlögl, F.; Speckmann, M.

European Wind Energy Association -EWEA-, Brussels:
European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition, EWEC 2010. Vol.4 : Warsaw, Poland, 20 - 23 April, 2010
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-617-82310-7
European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC) <2010, Warsaw>
Fraunhofer IWES ()

This paper describes a proposal for a new instrument according to § 64 (1.6) of the German renewable energy sources act (EEG). This new instrument is to improve the integration of large amounts of wind energy by launching combined renewable power plants (CRPP). A CRPP consists of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy storages. The proposed instrument has two parts: an investment grant to introduce energy storages and a variable price signal that stimulates their coordinated operation according to the German residual load. The residual load is the difference between the power demand and the RES generation. As a result, the operation of the CRPP increases the capacity for wind energy penetration in the grid and the market value of RES generation. The introduction of such an instrument stimulates the research and development of CRPP and energy storages. It improves the possibility for plant operators to market RES generation at power exchanges on their own responsibili ty. Hence, CRPP are useful in a future power system beyond feed-in tariffs.