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Virtual production line based on lightning

: Xu, Z.; Shan, Z.; Lentes, H.-P.


Institution of Engineering and Technology -IET-:
International Conference on Advanced Technology of Design and Manufacture, ATDM 2010
2010 (IET conference publications 2010, 576 CP)
ISBN: 978-1-84919-238-5
International Conference on Advanced Technology of Design and Manufacture (ATDM) <2010, Beijing>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

The technologies of VR have been adopted in simulation fields for its interactive ability and realistic senses. In our contribution we present a novel VR system for production line simulation which based on Lightning. This VR system facilitates the virtual equipment modeling, virtual process modeling as well as virtual control modeling of the production line. In this system, Multi-layer simulation method is also used to manage the signals from different levels. The system receives signals from online equipments and with the real-time signals, the online equipments as well as the virtual process will be quickly diagnosed. Rapid responds for production line will be made by VR system, and with this responds design engineer has the chance to optimize or make forward-looking decision of the line by using the advantage of this VR system.