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Supporting renewable electricity in europe - An assessment of future policy options

: Resch, Gustav; Ragwitz, Mario; Faber, Thomas; Haas, Reinhard; Huber, Claus

Goswami, D.Y. ; International Solar Energy Society -ISES-:
Solar energy and human settlement. Proceedings of ISES Solar World Congress 2007. Vol.4 : September 18 - 21, 2007, Beijing, China
Berlin: Springer, 2007
ISBN: 978-7-302-16146-2
ISBN: 3-540-75996-4
ISBN: 978-3-540-75996-6
Solar World Congress (SWC) <2007, Beijing>
Fraunhofer ISI ()

Energy policy is the main driver for the enhanced deployment of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-E) as observed in several countries worldwide. It is the core objective of this paper to provide a concise summary of recommendations on how to derive effective and cost-efficient support schemes for RES-E which are necessary to steer our energy system in the direction of sustainability and supply security. A prospective analysis of possible future RES-E support options at European level aims to signpost the way forward. The issue of the effectiveness and efficiency of support schemes is discussed based on the results obtained from simulation runs using the Green-X model. As key criterion for achieving an enhanced future deployment of RES-E in an effective and efficient manner, besides the continuity and long-term stability of any implemented policy, the technology specification of the necessary support is identified.