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The 4th AIST Advisory Board meeting

: Aizawa, M.; Aso, W.; Isayama, T.; Komiyama, H.; Nakanishi, T.M.; Nonaka, T.; Uchigasaki, I.; Utada, K.; Broers, L.; Bullinger, H.-J.; Garrett, G.; Gu, B.; Lester, R.K.; Bhumiratana, S.; Semerjian, H.G.

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AIST Today (International Edition) (2006), Nr.20, S.10-11
ISSN: 1346-602X
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The 4th AIST Advisory Board Meeting was held on 6 and 7 February, 2006, at the AIST Tsukuba Headquarters. The agenda of the 4th meeting was the 'second term strategy for AIST as an innovation engine'. The discussions focused on the President's presentation, entitled 'Vision for AIST's Second Mid-term Period', and on the presentation of the Director of Planning Headquarters, entitled 'Establishing the innovation hub at AIST'. A total number of fifteen people were selected for the 4th Advidory Board meeting, which went on for one and a half days. The innovative strategies discussed in the meeting include collaboration between industry and acedemia, human resource development, and venture creation. The Advisory board members and AIST executives also held active discussions on various issues regarding the operation of AIST including research management, intellectual property, safety management, security management, and public relations.