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Fluidic bus system for chemical process engineering in the laboratory and for small-scale production

: Müller, A.; Cominos, V.; Hessel, V.; Horn, B.; Schürer, J.; Ziogas, A.; Jähnisch, K.; Hillmann, V.; Großer, V.; Jam, K.A.; Bazzanella, A.; Rinke, G.; Kraut, M.


The chemical engineering journal 107 (2005), Nr.1-3, S.205-214
ISSN: 1385-8947
ISSN: 0300-9467
ISSN: 0923-0467
ISSN: 0009-2487
International Conference on Chemical Reactors (CHEMREACTOR) <16, 2005, Vienna>
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Within the framework of a BMBF-funded project, five research institutes are developing a standardized system for the combination of microstructured devices and laboratory equipment of various suppliers thus leading to the building of chemical plants. The concept is based upon the bus system and simultaneously handles a number of tasks such as mechanical stability, fluidic flow and signal transmission. A key feature of the backbone interface developed is its open architecture. It does not rely on standardized connections thus allowing the combination of devices from various suppliers. The interface shows robustness, withstands high pressures and temperatures while thermal cross-talk is minimized through the use of different materials. Its application in chemical synthesis has shown truly promising results.