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Interactive flashlight research

Towards a new research approach for better integration between industry and academia
: Bredehorst, B.; Bredehorst, B.; Wolf, P.; Wunram, M.

Thoben, K.-D.:
ICE2004, 10th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising : Adaptive engineering for sustainable value creation : Sevilla, Spain, 14-16 June 2004
Nottingham: Centre for Concurrent Enterprising, 2004
ISBN: 0-85358-128-2
International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (ICE) <10, 2004, Sevilla>
Fraunhofer IAO ()
method; integration; interactivity; community of practice

Scientific research should be at the leading edge of researching industrial changes and develop approaches for industrial application, which strengthen European competitiveness in dynamic markets. Unfortunately, current traditional research is missing elements of concurrency, short iteration cycles with industry and immediateness. The target of a much more integrated European research will have to work on and apply novel research approaches if it aims to serve the needs and requirements of the increasingly dynamic industrial environment and keep industry and academia from drifting apart. This situation is a high risk for the European Economy, since resources are offen invested in outdated research questions. Within this paper, the authors are going to describe a radical new research approach called Interactive Flashlight Research (IFR) that claims to compensate and complement the abovementioned deficiencies and report from the results of the method's first evaluation.