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Spin-offs from public R&D organisations

: Helm, Roland; Mauroner, Oliver; Dowling, Michael; Pöhlmann, Kendra


International journal of business and globalisation : IJBG 11 (2013), Nr.3, S.217-242
ISSN: 1753-3627
ISSN: 1753-3635
Fraunhofer IOF ()
innovation; R&D institutes; R&D management; research-based spin-offs; spin-off; technology transfer

Spin-off firms from research organisations are an important means of technology transfer from academia to business. Similar to other technology-based firms, spin-offs have to combine financial, structural and personal resources in order to overcome different challenges within the starting process. The specific of spin-off firms compared to other technology-based firms constitutes their main challenges, particularly with regard to the distinct novelty of the spin-off idea and the cooperation with the parent research organisation. Existing literature demonstrates several gaps in the empirical investigation of research-based spin-offs. There is a notable lack of studies which refer to the conversion of a specific spin-off idea into marketable products or services and the involvement of the parent research organisation, and compare them to the influence of external factors. We investigate how innovativeness, stage of development, market knowledge and parent support influence the market entry and the long term market performance of spin-offs.