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On dinosaurs, measurement ideologists, separatists, and happy souls

: Buhl, H-.U.; Fridgen, G.; Müller, G.; Röglinger, M.


Business & information systems engineering 4 (2012), Nr.6, S.307-315
ISSN: 1867-0202
ISSN: 0937-6429
Fraunhofer FIT ()

This article constitutes an "editorialized", partly shortened, and partly extended version of the paper "Business and information systems engineering: a complementary approach to information systems - what we can learn from the past and may conclude from present reflection on the future" by Hans Ulrich Buhl, Günter Müller, Gilbert Fridgen, and Maximilian Röglinger that appeared in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems 13(4):236-253, April 2012. The editorial has been presented as a keynote on the BIS conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, in May 2012 and the BISE workshop in Hannover, Germany, in October 2012. An earlier version has been published in the BIS proceedings.