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Processing, properties and applications of nanocarbon composites

: Kosidlo, Urszula

Omastová, M. ; Slovak Academy of Science, Polymer Institute:
Eurofillers 2013. Book of Abstracts : 10th anniversary meeting, August 25-29, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava, 2013
ISBN: 978-80-970923-3-7
S.70 (Abstract), 34 Folien
EUROFILLERS Conference <10, 2013, Bratislava>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Carbon Nanotube (CNT); Materialeigenschaft; composite material; polymer; Verbundwerkstoff; Stoffeigenschaft

Nanocarbon materials, including carbon nanotubes (CNT), carbon nanohorns (CNH) and graphene and its derivatives, have shown many interesting properties from the mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical point of view. These properties make nanocarbons fillers of interest for many applications, for example in the fields of electronics, sensors, energy storage and conversion as well as composite materials. These engineering applications require material availability on the mass scale and suitable processing routes in order to utilize its full potential.
Up till now, integration of nanocarbons was shown feasible for polymer, ceramic and metal matrices with the first applications reaching the market or being under development. This talk introduces possible routes of nanocarbon processing with the focus on industrial feasibility of the techniques used. Furthermore, based on the experience of Fraunhofer IPA scientists, the resulting material properties are to be shown with examples of the corresponding materials use in various fields of applications and products.