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The moving liquid mirror (MLM) spatial light modulator

Simulation and measurement of the optical performance
: Wolter, A.; Lakner, H.; Doleschal, W.; Zimmer, G.

Lee, A.P. ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers -ASME-:
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) 2000 : Microelectromechanical systems, microfluides, MEMS packaging: challenges and future, medical applications of microsystems, issue in the manufacturing of MEMS and related micromechanical systems ; presented at the 2000 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 5-10, 2000, Orlando, Florida
New York, NY: ASME, 2000 (MEMS 1)
ISBN: 0-7918-1900-0
International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition <2000, Orlando/Fla.>
Fraunhofer IMS, Außenstelle Dresden ( IPMS) ()
aktive Matrix; Lichtventil; Mikrospiegel; Mikrodisplay; verformbarer Ölfilm; Lichtmodulator; optical MEMS; spatial light modulator; deformable oil film; microdisplay; micromirror; light valve; active matrix; silicon backplane; microelectronic; Mikroelektronik; CMOS

Spatial light modulators (SLM) are electro-optical devices employed as optical pattern generators in applications like projection displays, direct-writing systems for photolithographic patterning, adaptive optics or optical signal processing.
Here we report on the "moving liquid mirror" (MLM) as a new micromechanical actuator technology based on a deformable oil film on an aluminum mirror with electrode structure. The actuator is suitable for integration on a silicon backplane as CMOS-addressing circuit. Thus production in standard CMOS-technology is possible.
A theoretical analysis of the device behavior is given, and the results of simulations are presented. Measurements on passive devices show good agreement with the simulations.
Finally, active MLM-devices have been fabricated. Images can be programmed into the devices and observed under a microscope (figure 1).