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Boron based and other combination tool coatings - characterization and application tests

: Keunecke, M.; Wiemann, E.; Weber, M.; Thomsen, H.; Wittorf, R.

Geiger, M.:
International Conference THE Coatings in Manufacturing Engineering 2004. Proceedings : Erlangen, Germany, April 05 - 07, 2004
Bamberg: Meisenbach, 2004
ISBN: 3-87525-201-2
International Conference THE Coatings in Manufacturing Engineering <4, 2004, Erlangen>
Fraunhofer IST ()
boron; combination coating; cubic boron nitride; DLC

Wear protection coatings are well established in many applications of industrial production. But the requirements to the coatings are complex. In many cases a progress could be realized only with combination coatings. Due to their broad range of mechanical properties. from very soft, e.g. hexagonal boron nitride, to very hard, e.g. titanium diboride or especially cubic boron nitride (cBN), boron based coatings can be applied in a wide range of cutting operations. The soft coatings can be used as a dry lubricant for cutting operations. The very hard modifications are suitable for wear resistant coatings on cutting tools for many machining operations. Several boron based coatings will be introduced with different application areas in production engineering. The relevance of a cBN coating in production engineering, the current status of development of cBN coatings and future trends we will be presented. A deposition technique of the Fraunofer IST allows to prepare cBN films thicker than 2 µm on silicon and nearly 1 µm on cemented carbide cutting inserts. Measurements of mechanical properties like hardness and Young's modulus reveal that the properties of the cBN films are nearly identical to those of cBN bulk material. Especially as one part of a layer system of a coating, boron based films seem to have a high application potential. Examples of boron and other combination coatings with a typical application will be given and confirm the high potential of this coating concept. The results of mechanical and tribological characterization as well as machining and application tests will be presented.