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Single and polycrystalline transparent ceramic armor with different crystal structure

: Krell, Andreas; Straßburger, Elmar; Hutzler, Thomas; Klimke, Jens


Journal of the American Ceramic Society 96 (2013), Nr.9, S.2718-2721
ISSN: 0002-7820
ISSN: 1551-2916
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Contrary to the moderate ballistic advantage of Al2O3 ceramics over MgAl2O4 polycrystals, the present study shows a reverse ratio of the ballistic strength of alumina and spinel single crystals: Spinel single crystals outperform sapphire and exhibit a similarly high stability as submicrometer Al2O3 ceramics. The results correlate with different cleavage of single crystalline spinel and sapphire, changing the fragmentation on ballistic impact.