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Signal and power transmission at Fraunhofer IPA

Signal- und Leistungsübertragung am Fraunhofer IPA
: Adrian, J.

Society of Automotive Engineers -SAE-, Brasil:
SAE Brasil. Congresso 2004 : XIII Congresso e Exposição de Tecnologia da Mobilidade. 16 a 18 novembro 2004, São Paulo, Brasil
São Paulo, Brasilien, 2004
Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE Brasil (Congresso)<13, 2004, São Paulo, Brasilien>
International Mobility Technology Congress and Exhibition <13, 2004, São Paulo, Brasilien>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Signalübertragung; Verdrahtungstechnik; alternative wiring technology; Flex Wiring; FFC Flexible Flat Cable; Folienleiter; MID; Schaltungsträger; Spritzgegossene Schaltungsträger; Verdrahtung

Due to the increasing use of electrical and electronical components in automotive applications, the wiring effort increases rapidly. This causes problems in weight and space. The use of bus systems helped to reduce the
wiring effort, but the result was not sufficient. This presentation gives an overview about alternative wiring technologies to save further space and weight. The focus is on flex-wiring (FFC, FPC) and moulded interconnect devices (MID) as promising alternatives. For each wiring technology existing applications are named and the capabilities are shown. The importance of these technologies is defined by the actual and the future market. Afterwards a comparison of the influence of different manufacturing processes on the capabilities is worked out.
The last point shows important cross-functional tasks like joining technologies, available applications for isolation of joinings, existing and additional process monitoring and control as well as test methods concerning automotive specifications.