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Fup eller faktra om driftsoptimering

: Bohm, B.; Wigbels, M.; Sipilä, K.; Smith Hansen, B.; Jensen, G.

Fjernvarmen 43 (2004), Nr.9, S.20-22
ISSN: 0106-6234
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
Fernwärme; Fernwärmeversorgung; Bedarfsoptimierung; demand site management; aggregated model; district heating; operational optimization; dynamische Simulation

Within IEA Annex VI project "Simple models for operational optimization" strategies to simplify models of DH-networks have been developed, tested and analyzed. These Methods enable complex optimizations of DH systems. Within a new IEA project by application of these simple models strategies and recommendations which enable economic savings by dynamic supply temperature control and heat storage in the system will be developed. Furthermore economic savings due to peak demands in the connected gas and electricity systems will be evaluated from reducing peak loads in the connected buildings (Demand Side Management) and at the DH plants.