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An approach for a transnational inland water management system

: Haist, J.; Holweg, D.

Fendel, E.; Rumor, M. ; Urban Data Management Society -UDMS-, Delft:
24rd Urban Data Management Symposium 2004. Proceedings : Information Systems and the Delivery of the Promised Societal Benefits
Delft, Niederlande: UDMS, 2004
Urban Data Management Symposium (UDMS) <24, 2004, Venice, Italy>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
geographic information systems (GIS); 3D map; database; information retrieval; Information visualization; risk management; disaster management

This paper describes a multiplatform IT-based monitoring and management solution, which focuses on the support of decision makers and mobile action forces in water and risk management. The presented approach will provide a knowledge base integrating relevant domain- knowledge and existing databases from different disciplines and simulation models to handle the states and analysis and new and innovative kinds of visualization to individually make available necessary information to decision makers. Strong attention will be paid to the information sources, 3D data and results of analysis models which will be provided to the user in a resource-adaptive way of presentation on diverse mobile clients. Risk assessment and planning, mitigation as well as response and recovery phases will be integrated in the system so that besides the development of software components a scenario is formulated according to the mentioned phases. 3D information visualization techniques are used for 3D maps presenting to the user important information whereas importance is associated with user-adapted information. This can be information about analysis, routing, mobile action forces or other types of resource-adaptive produced information.