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Improved low voltage grid-integration of photovoltaic systems in Germany

: Stetz, T.; Marten, F.; Braun, M.


IEEE transactions on sustainable energy 4 (2013), Nr.2, S.534-542
ISSN: 1949-3029
Fraunhofer IWES ()

This work discusses the technical and economical benefits of different active and reactive power control strategies for grid-connected photovoltaic systems in Germany. The aim of these control strategies is to limit the voltage rise, caused by a high local photovoltaic power feed-in and hence allow additional photovoltaic capacity to be connected to the mains. Autonomous inverter control strategies, which do not require any kind of data communication between the inverter and its environment, as well as an on-load tap changer for distribution transformers, is investigated. The technical and economical assessment of these strategies is derived from 12-month root mean square (rms) simulations, which are based on a real low voltage grid and measured dc power generation values. The results show that the provision of reactive power is an especially effective way to increase the hosting capacity of a low voltage grid for photovoltaic systems.