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Modeling and efficient solving of extra-functional properties for adaptation in networked embedded real-time systems

: Zeller, Marc; Prehofer, Christian


Journal of systems architecture 59 (2013), Nr.10, S.1067-1082
ISSN: 1383-7621
Fraunhofer ESK ()
runtime adaptation; extra-functional properties; networked embedded systems; automotive; constraints

In this paper, we focus on modeling and efficient solving of extra-functional properties for embedded systems, in particular automotive systems. We introduce an integrated model of system constraints for efficient computation of software components being allocated to hardware platforms (ECUs), which is a prerequisite for runtime adaptation. For a set of over 126,000 constraints in a realistic automotive system, we compare SAT-solving and different heuristic search algorithms. We show that SAT-solving provides solutions in several seconds, and SAT-solving is more efficient for larger systems, whereas other heuristic search algorithms are slightly better for smaller problems.