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Study on the Relationship between the Thermal Properties of CuNiSi Thin Films and Adding Amount of Rare Earth Elements

: Wang, J.; Mao, D.; Wu, J.; Zhang, L.; Netzelmann, U.; Zhang, H.

Journal of Functional Materials 30 (1999), Nr.5, S.481-483
ISSN: 1001-9731
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
photothermische Radiometrie; photothermal radiometry; thin films; electronic properties; CuNiSi; lanthanide elements

In this paper, the photothermal radiometry (PTR) and optical beam deflection (OBD-mirage effect) were used to study the relationship between the thermal properties of CuNiSi thin films and the amount of rare earth elements adding to the target materials. The results show that the addition of lanthanide element mixture causes the difference in the thermal behavior of the thin films. The thermal diffusivity increases with the increase of the amount of rare earth elements adding to the tagets. Meanwhile the increasing of adding amount of rare earth elements lead to the decrease of the resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance of the thin films. The change trend of the resistivity is in conformity with the change of thermal diffusivity of the thin films.